Instat Reports • Basketball


Post-game reports reveal key combinations, best player cooperations and player efficiency by specific matchups.

Instat communicates with coaches and fine-tunes statistical parameters on a continuous basis. We track and analyze actions with and without the ball. Every parameter in our report is linked to a video stored on the Instat Scout platform. Statistics help to assess players in different positions, their performance in different matchups, as well as team play in general.

Analyze the game with Instat reports

  • Determine the teams’ strengths and weaknesses. We will tell you which combinations were used most often, how effective they were, and where the areas of improvement are.
  • See frequently used combinations and find out whether they resulted in uncontested shots.
  • Study players’ actions by offensive, defensive and net ratings.
  • Analyze players by their positions. View shots by zones and players contesting the shots.
  • See how the opponent defended against your team. Did players change during screens? How often did the defence switch from man-to-man to a zone defense? And more.

Our clients receive post-game reports in PDF. Games are broken down by specialists with a background in the coaching staff and analysis departments of different teams. Teams from EuroLeague and national teams like France and Slovakia are among Instat clients.