Instat Scout • Basketball


Video-platform with customizable parameter tables and lineup efficiency stats.

Instat Scout is a unique statistical platform, where every number is linked to a video. Our database has videos from all over the world, and this is an essential tool for video analysis. No need to spend time on trips to your opponents’ games – now it takes just an evening to prepare a detailed report on the opposing team and its leaders. We collect data on players’ performance with and without the ball, evaluate lineup efficiency, calculate offensive and defensive indexes, register all pre-shot combinations, and assess the players using our own formula; their Instat Index.

What is Instat Scout for Basketball

  • 115 parameters for players, 66 parameters for teams.
  • Customizable tables. You can download a statistical breakdown for a team in PDF and Excel files.
  • Each number is clickable – a video with adjustable episode timeline opens after you click on it.
  • Each team profile has video summaries with performance in offense and defense.
  • Shot charts for your own team and opposing team - see shooting points, zones and distance from the rim.
  • Ability to see a player’s actions in his/her various matchups.
  • Sort by contested and uncontested shots.
  • Statistics for 3, 5 and 10 recent matches. Ability to watch games against a particular opponent.

Instat Scout allows you to analyze not only your opponent’s performance, but also the players of your team, its chemistry, and performance in clutch moments. The videos are available in the Instat database 8-12 hours after the end of the game. As of today, hundreds of clubs use Instat Scout Basketball platform, including Barcelona, Orlando Magic, Valencia Basket, Brooklyn Nets and West Virginia University. National teams, such as Spain, France, Sweden, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia are also active users.