Instat Reports • Ice Hockey


We use our own analysis methodology, which gives a fair overview of a team’s performance in a match and during the season.

Instat registers game events based on the video of the game, rather than on actual game observation. This is why our data is as accurate as possible. Between 4 and 6 people break down one game, each of them classifies actions in accordance with clear definitions. Instat has developed a comprehensive methodology of statistical analysis after discussions with coaches and hockey analysts. Coaching staffs and players of teams on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean use reports provided by Instat.

Instat statistical reports

  • Compare opponents in the report: statistical data, attacking schemes, shot charts, goaltenders’ save zones.
  • Analyze challenges in different zones and faceoffs.
  • Information on giveaways and takeaways, possession and challenge intensity.
  • Own types of entrances: by dump in, by stickhandling or by pass.
  • Statistics on single players, partners, lines and lineups.
  • Detailed statistics - from the number of hits and shots to CORSI and game stages.

Hockey teams get Instat hockey reports one day after the game – coaches receive statistics to analyze and adjust the training session before it begins. Instat works with teams from NHL, KHL, AHL, OHL and other leagues. In the season of 2017/2018, Instat clients won the Gagarin Cup and the Stanley Cup.