Instat Scout • Ice Hockey

Detailed game analysis of your team and opponent

Statistical platform with a video database on hockey teams and players from Europe and North America.

An effective analysis tool for hockey players and coaching staff. Advanced statistics help to assess players’ actions in offensive, defensive and neutral zone. Every number is linked to a video which helps to elicit mistakes made in a particular episode. Instat Scout Hockey allows analyzing an opponent’s performance in addition to that of your own team. For example, our video platform allows finding patterns in players’ actions in standard situations – thus, shots performed while marked by a defenseman upon entering a zone will no longer be unexpected, and forwards will be able to block defensemen at the beginning of attacks thanks to knowing their style of play.

What is Instat Scout

  • 98 parameters for players, 79 parameters for teams.
  • The tables are fully adjustable depending on the client’s preferences. Instat Scout user can select the parameters to display or hide.
  • Every number is clickable – click on a parameter to watch the relevant summary playlist, and share it by email.
  • Ready-made playlists on game situations: counterattacks, faceoffs, positional attacks, icings, entrances, key passes etc.
  • Dynamic drawing in the Instat Scout player: analyze videos and draw the trajectory of the puck, highlight players and encircle free zones.
  • The profile of every team and player has a shot chart. Click on the shot location to watch the episode.
  • Customize the widget by game situation. View shots in power play and short-handed play, or filter by particular lineups.
  • Widgets with zones of shots on goal – by zone and shot location. Stats on the goalkeepers saves after shots under the blocker, under the glove, on pads, between the legs and on the chest.
  • Statistics on 3, 5 and 10 recent matches. Examine games against a particular opponent.
  • Stats on lineups, lines, partners, power play lines and short-handed play lines.

The videos of the games appear in the Instat database 8-12 hours after the end of the game. Instat’s clients are clubs from NHL, KHL, Finnish Liiga and Swedish SHL. The current winners of the Stanley Cup and the Gagarin Cup are also Instat’s customers.